Tips to keep your washer clean

Tips to keep your washer clean

Can you imagine your life without your washer? Of course not! It is a machine that makes doing laundry a super easy task and gives you clean and fresh-smelling clothes in no time. But though the best washers in the market come with self-cleaning cycles, you need to make an extra effort to keep their interior and exterior absolutely clean. This will ensure your clothes smell great after every cycle. So, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Wipe down every week: Dampen a microfiber cloth with a dishwashing liquid solution and wipe the sides, lid, and top of your machine every week. Wet towels and dirty soccer jerseys can leave unsightly spots on the best washers. For top loader machines, you can use a cotton swab to remove dirt from the cracks of the lid.
  • Clean from deep within: It simply means that even the best washers need their interiors cleaned from time to time. But as they already come with a self-cleaning cycle, you can just set the machine to that particular mode and get busy with other things.
  • Clean the compartments: At least once a month, you might need to clean the compartments of your washer. This will ensure that your clothes look clean and vibrant every time. If the fabric softener dispensers are removable, soak them in warm water for about 10 minutes to get rid of the buildup. If they cannot be removed, just spray them with a solution of water and vinegar, and wipe with a paper towel.
  • Remove pet hair: This one is mandatory if you have furry friends at home. Since they shed all the time, you must keep the interior of your machine free from pet hair. All you have to do is wait for your washing machine to air-dry after keeping the lid open. When the exterior and drum of your washer are dry, use a vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair.

So you see how simple it is to keep the best washers clean and sparkling with a little bit of care. Care and caution can keep your machine efficient for a long time and make laundry sessions comfortable.

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