Six reasons why Legoland California is the best

Six reasons why Legoland California is the best

After bagging heavy Legoland discount tickets, one can intensify the fun by engaging in several interesting things at Legoland California. From enjoying a delicious meal at Granny’s Apple Fries to venturing into the Fun town! Here are 6 fun reasons to participate in the several fun family activities at Legoland California.

Apple Fries
Served with vanilla whipped cream, Apple Fries are Legoland California’s specialty that you probably don’t want to miss during your visit to the popular site. Made from sliced apples, these fries are basically deep-fried and tossed with cinnamon sugar. To enjoy more such delicacies you can head to the Castle Hill at Legoland, where you can get to taste many other food items. But a visit to the Granny’s Apple Fries at Castle Hill is a must.

Discount tickets
Nothing makes the Legoland trip more fun, especially for parents, than Legoland discount tickets. Though a number of them are available at the physical site, many Legoland sites also offer them on their official websites. So, plan ahead and make the best of the Legoland discount tickets by taking your entire family for a fun trip.

Competitions at Fun Town
Fun Town is a great Legoland section where people can enjoy competing with other families. At the Fire Academy and Fun Town Police sections of the Fun Town, parents and children can join forces to beat other families at shooting targets with water guns while reaching the finish line with hand-powered fire trucks. Lego Factory Tour and adventurer’s club are interesting walk-byes to be a little more acquainted with the grand franchise. Fun Town houses the Lego Club section, where one can enjoy building Lego figures with purchased Lego bricks at the Lego Club counter. To make the visit more enjoyable, the Legoland section features the XBOX Family Game Space where the entire family can enjoy console gaming.

Minifigure trade
Make your kids’ visit to the Legoland California even more memorable with Lego minifigures, as the amusement park offers Lego minifigure trade. Inside the amusement park, several Legoland employees wear Lego minifigures on their badges, waiting for trading them with the children. This feature of Legoland California is reserved for children to enjoy, which means only children can make deals. To allow children to make Lego figures inside the site, Legoland California houses a shop selling Lego bricks for making one right at the spot.

The coolest about the Legoland theme parks is Miniland. The section is entirely made using Lego Bricks and displays some of the most attractive locations of the country housing the Legoland. Therefore, one can get glimpses of popular US cities like Las Vegas and Washington DC and famous historical American figures like Abraham Lincoln made entirely from LEGO bricks at Legoland California. It is the biggest of all sections featuring inside a Legoland park.

Package pick-up service
In addition to taking a lot of fun to home, one is sure to take many Legoland souvenirs too. If you find carrying all those souvenirs convenient while wandering the amusement park, then there is a way out. Legoland features a package pick-up service that will take care of transferring all your collected souvenirs during your Legoland visit to the exit location.

Make your next Legoland California trip more enjoyable by having a meal at Granny’s Apple Fries and bagging in many souvenirs for taking back home.

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