Mastering a graham cracker crust!

Mastering a graham cracker crust!

Graham cracker crusts sound fairly simple and they are very easy to master. No pre-made crusts, or outside batters required to let you enjoy this delicacy. Good flavor is extremely essential to treat your tastebuds. So buying something from the market would be one of the poorest choices to make.
Blueberry cheesecake, Nutella cheesecake bars or a lime pie, your list to shop would be the least. Just 3 simple ingredients, and you’ll have your masterpiece. You need 10 graham crackers, which would come up to 10 full sheet rectangle crackers. Crumble them, so you get a ½ a cup of graham cracker crumbs. Graham crackers are available in various different flavors, be it cinnamon, honey or chocolate. You cab get a low fat option. You can pick the flavor depending on what ingredients you are going to include in the pie.

In a food processor grind these graham crackers, and blend well. You could bring out the kid in you, pack them in a zip locked bag, and roll them with a rolling pin. Crushing them the old way can be really rejuvenating. To this crushed mixture, just add 1/3 cup granulated sugar and six tablespoons of melted butter. Less butter can make the crust fall apart, so use it wisely. Remember sugar allows your hot or cold dessert to bind the crumbs. Be it something you bake, or a dessert you refrigerate, sugar is an essential ingredient. Brown sugar can add a different tinge of flavor to this whole crust. Trying it would be a good option in this case.
Pack the crust down tight and make it compact. A flat-bottomed measuring cup would smooth out the surface. Use measuring cups any day to smoothen the crust rather than your fingers. Pack the edges. In case your choice is a cold dessert, then allow this pie crust to chill for a minimum of two hours before you add the filling. It solidifies the ingredients, thus making it compact. A baked pie would need you to pre-bake the crust for 10 minutes at 300F, or eight minutes at 350F. This cracker crust tends to be the base of some mouth-watering desserts, which makes it all the more important to have a solid recipe, so the base tastes flawless.
With all these tips to use, and the method to follow, these is no way you can go wrong while mastering this recipe of a graham crust pie.

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