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For Health and Balance™ is dedicated to helping people feel good and live longer, healthier lives by reducing stresses inside the body and mind. We are devoted to the prevention of dis-eases of the body and are focused on helping every client discover their peace of mind, healthy living behaviors, and liberation from chronic or acute pain. We look at each person holistically including daily living habits, physical posture, fitness and nutrition commitments, and sense of well being. We offer a comprehensive set of services which help you take care of the only body you have: life and wellness coaching, fitness training, massage and meditation; and nutrition education and management. Clients can work with each service independently, participate in our integrated six month program, or both. We have gathered a team of highly experienced and certified practitioners in the areas of: Coaching Fitness Nutrition Massage and Stress Management We invite you to come into our site and learn more about protecting the only body you have with the help of For Health and Balance.
Treat the only body you have to health and balance.
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