Movement Performance Center
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The Movement Performance Center (MPC) exists to help people improve how they move and thereby improve how they live and perform. We provide the best Occupational Therapy in the areas of Washington, DC and Gainsville, VA. People seek our evaluations, treatment and/ or training for several reasons but the number one reason people seek us out is our reputation for getting you well and keeping you well. We dont just get rid of your pain. We get you back to living. We get you back to performing. We get you back to doing the things you enjoy doing and the things you enjoy doing extremely well. At MPC we teach you movement patterns that will foster keeping you healthy for a lifetime, not just a season. We accomplish this by treating the cause of your pain, not just the site of your pain. How your muscles and joints perform in isolation is important, but equally important is how they perform when you're moving and when forces are increased. What is the point of just rehabbing a knee if it became injured due to lack of motion in your hips? Most people rehab only THE INJURED PART until they are asymptomatic.. OR THE PAIN IS TOLERABLE…not until they are healthy! Asymptomatic is not the same as well! Our integrated approach to training ensures you are moving well throughout your entire body and this sets us apart from many programs.
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