Bipolar mania symptoms Know when to see a doctor

Bipolar mania symptoms Know when to see a doctor

About one-in-every-five people suffering from bipolar are also affected by borderline personality disorder. Unless a person has severe mania, the disease can be difficult to diagnose. It is a kind of mental disorder where the affected individual suffers from extreme mood swings that range from high known as mania to low called depression and vice versa. These mood swings can also be mixed where a person may be delighted as well as depressed at a particular moment.

What are the signs and symptoms of bipolar mania?
There are numerous bipolar mania symptoms, and some of them vary from one person to another. Some of these include:

• Feeling extreme happiness for extended periods of time.

• Feeling of sleeplessness and having a reduced need for sleep.

• Speaking in a fast manner while coping up with the racing thoughts in mind.

• Being impulsive and extremely restless.

• Becoming distracted easily.

• Feeling overconfident about oneself.

• Indulging in risky activities

Let us now understand these bipolar mania symptoms in detail.

Talking swiftly:

The first of the bipolar mania symptoms include super-fast speech, and sometimes it is so fast that the listeners may fail to understand it. You could be surprised at how a normal and thoughtful person suddenly becomes very hyper-talkative in such a way that you hardly get a chance to get into a conversation.

Inflation of ego:

When someone is manifesting bipolar mania symptoms, their choice of words tends to exaggerate their abilities and self-esteem. They would try to prove what they are good at in such a way that it may appear to be bragging. Some people even claim expertise on something that they hardly know about.


The condition can make a person cut down on sleep to such an extent that they feel as if no sleep is needed. At first, they feel perfectly alright without any sleep, but as time passes, the situation worsens without adequate sleep.

Risking their life:

When people are affected by the condition, they tend to take a lot of risks which they stayed away from earlier like, gambling with savings incurred all through life or opting for substantial expenses. Some people open numerous credit accounts while others spend their fortune shopping online or gambling. This often results in bankruptcy and unmanageable disaster.

Feeling thrilled with the symptoms:

You would be surprised to know some people undergo the bipolar mania symptoms tend to fall to the highs. Several types of research show that it takes about ten years for the affected people to accept the treatment and this is very dangerous for them.

These symptoms are usually replaced by the symptoms of depression in a short while. Some people affected by bipolar mania also have suicidal tendencies. If any of your close ones exhibit such bipolar mania symptoms, you should not judge or argue or yell at that person. You must remove all sorts of life-threatening objects that can cause harm to that person.

Do the bipolar mania symptoms change depending on the type of bipolar disorder?

There are various kinds of bipolar disorder, that is defined by the length, frequency, and pattern of episodes of mania and depression.

Here is a brief about the bipolar mania symptoms depending on its type.

Bipolar I disorder – The classic form of bipolar disorder was previously called manic depression since the manic phases are evident in this problem. The mood and behavior of the affected individual are extreme, and it sharply escalates till they go out of control. People affected with the first type of bipolar depression also have manic issues, and the symptoms of this condition include:

• Moods and behaviors which are contrary to a person’s normal behavior.

• Feeling elated most of the time for nearly one hour at a stretch.

Bipolar II disorder –It is much more common than the first type of bipolar, and it manifests symptoms which are not much severe. These symptoms are termed as hypomanic symptoms. With this kind of bipolar mania symptoms is difficult for the patients to see it in themselves and the friends and family are required to encourage them for seeking medical treatment. Hypomanic can become severe if left without treatment and the affected individual may become severely depressed or manic.

Cyclothymic disorder – It includes mood swings along with shifts which are quite similar to the first two types of bipolar mania. An individual affected with the cyclothymic disorder may often fail to function normally without the aid of medicines. With the passage of time, the mood swings of a person may develop into the diagnosis of the first two types of bipolar disorder.

Rapid Cycling – the Bipolar disorder with rapid cycling is diagnosed when a person experiences four or more manic, hypomanic, or depressive episodes over a period of 12 months.

Regardless of the type of bipolar mania symptoms you are suffering from, you should make an effort to consult an expert so that the symptoms don’t become something serious with time.Learn as much as you can about bipolar disorder. The more you know, the better you’ll be at assisting your recovery.

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