An Overview of Tomtom GPS

An Overview of Tomtom GPS

Tomtom GPS is a company engaged in the manufacturing of GPS aided appliances and other applications that seek to enhance their already existing line of products. The company specializes in the field of fleet and public travel. Millions of people need to travel from one place to another and the company concentrates on providing smart devices to help this segment. The products are road navigation devices, maps etc. The company has four segments of interests. These are automotive, consumer, telematics and licensing.

The features of each of them are listed below:

Automotive segment provides modular components like maps, traffic and navigation software to car manufacturers. Each component can be a standalone product and also integrated into the Connect Navigation System. The navigation aide has features like updating through Wi-Fi. User can incorporate the updates sitting in the car itself. These applications are compatible with all smartphones. User can get intelligent routes that avoid traffic. Other facilities are life time world maps and Advance Lane Guidance. There are navigation aids for motor bikes also.

Consumer segment concentrates on products which are location based. These are applications which help users to know where they want to go. They produce GPS aided spot watches and smartphone navigation applications and PNDs. Their products provide intuitive user interfaces, innovative designs and features and strong GPS performance. The Spark watch among the DC RAINMAKER series for example has an optical sensor with music and GPS tracking capabilities. It has programs for running, cycling swimming, stopwatch all in one.

Licensing department sell maps, navigation software, cloud based platforms that allow developers to access and create location enabled application of their own. The department gives licenses to use their applications and products in the licensee’s applications.

Telematics looks after the business dealings. It is this department that provides navigation, two-way communication devices, job scheduling and report logging applications and organizations. They also provide fleet management systems to fleet owner and operators. They also partner insurance industries to provide usage based insurance products. WEBFLEET Software-as-a-Service solutions helps third parties to integrate their applications offering ISO 27001 standard information security.

The products as a rule have very user friendly and innovative user interfaces. It has elaborate GPS functions. The products have more than money’s worth features and quality. They are suppliers like maps to original equipment manufacturers. Tomtom supplies maps and traffic data to one of the cab-hailing companies.

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